★ Manuka Honey succeeded in stopping my cold sore in its tracks. Jane, New Britain CT ★ Two teaspoons of Manuka a day for 4-5 days got rid of my sinus infection - without antibiotics! Robin, Worcester MA ★ Every other day use has made my porcupine hair much softer and shinier, looks so healthy. Gallen, New Bedford MA ★ “The beauty of God's remedies is that they are in perfect balance and synergistically superior to anything man can contrive." Aristotle ★ Manuka on my insect bites kept me from scratching much less and also kept the bites from becoming ugly red bumps all over my legs. Beverly, Salem MA ★ I took one teaspoon of honey after a violent bout of food poisoning; I had an immediate sense of relief. Paulette R., Chatham MA ★ Bedsores and ulcerations healed nicely within 10 days -- to everyone's amazement. ★ Manuka honey on gums several times a day healed my absessed tooth. ★ "If one way be better than another, you can be sure it's nature's way." Aristotle ★ MRSA would not respond to antibiotics - three days later, the MRSA had burst. One week later, the wounds were completely healed. ★ Manuka completely drained sebaceous cyst and healed severe acne. Laura S. ★ Deep cuts and scratches healed by morning! Bill W. ★ Helped prevent pain of gastric MALT lymphoma from h. Pylori. GingerLou ★ I personally believe in my case that it helped greatly to inhibit the growth of H Pylori. Erhan ★ Cleared mange on my puppy. Laura ★ Nectar Balm is great! No more stiff neck, J. M. ★ The ball of my foot develops a painful, deep crack, but with a light coating of Manuka Honey, I could see a marked difference after the first day. Anne, Tampa FL ★

Do you have a "healing honey" story? If so, we would love to hear from you! As many of us are just discovering the powers of healing in the beehive, everyone else wants to know if these products really work, how to use them, and what they work best for. Please pass on your own story - inspire someone today! Email us at info@thewildbee.com.

Treatment for fungal infection on feet:

"I have recurrent problems with my feet when it comes to fungal issues. Often times, the ball of my foot develops a painful, deep crack, which usually takes a long time to heal with traditional over-the-counter and prescription meds. I applied a light coating of Manuka Honey, just enough to absorb into the skin (before putting on my shoes for the day, as well as before going to bed (covered my feet with cotton socks). I could see a marked difference even after the first day. It was completely healed in 3 days. I have also continued to use it on my feet 2-3 times a week for an overnight treatment. It has kept my feet soft and has conquered my dreaded enemy - looking like I have "old woman's feet"! Love Manuka! - Anne from Tampa, FL

Treatment for cold sore:

"I noticed that Manuka Honey is a topical healer for many different things, so I decided to try it on a cold sore that had just begun to redden on my upper lip. I hate these things! The huge, white-filled sore is oh so attractive, yeesh! I've used over-the-counter products like Blistex and Carmex, as well as others, which help...but not until after the cold sore has "bloomed" in a big, ugly mess on my face. The Manuka Honey, however, succeded in stopping this cold sore in its tracks!! Just before it looked like it was going to erupt, I applied the Manuka like a chap stick. In less then 48 hours it made the cold sore disappear. I like this stuff : ) -- Jane from New Britian, CT

Manuka as an alternative to antibiotics for treating a sinus infection:

"I have taken many rounds of antibiotics over the years for sinus infections. I really don't like using antibiotics as often I have been forced to do to get rid of these. Sinus infections really wear me out...make me feel like I've been hit by a Mack truck - REALLY makes me tired and unproductive. I tried the Manuka after all had failed, before I was going to resort to yet again getting a prescription for antibiotics. Two teaspoons a day for 4-5 days did the trick. I didn't have to take antiobiotics to get rid of it this time. -- Robin from Worcester, MA

Manuka as a hair conditioner:

"The Manuka brochure mentioned that this honey is a good hair conditioner, so I tested it out. I have very dark, course hair and it feels rough and boyfriends often complain that it "sticks" them uncomfortably. I used a small dollop of honey, just the same amount I would use with a regular hair conditioner - and it did wonders for my hair. Every other day use has made my porcupine hair much softer and shinier, looks so healthy. -- Gallen from New Bedford, MA

Manuka for insect bites:

"When I saw that Manuka could treat insect bites, I tried it. Mosquitoes love me. I get a number of very itchy bites that I scratch like crazy and they bleed and look awful on my legs. I put on a tiny bit of Manuka on each of my bites and found that it kept me from scratching much less and also kept the bites from becoming ugly red bumps all over my legs. -- Beverly from Salem, MA

Manuka for food poisoning:

"Richard, let me first of all thank you for introducing Manuka honey to me. After reading the literature attached to it, although I was not thouroughly convinced, I decided to try it following a violent night of what I determined was food poisoning, I took one teaspoon of honey; I had an immediate sense of relief. Since then I have experimented with it from face acne to actually doing a facial cleansing. The product is amazing in addition to which it tastes heavenly. I certainly will introduce manuka honey to my friends and family. You will be hearing from me shortly regarding an order. -- Paulette Russell from Chatham, MA

Dear Bobbie,

It was a pleasure conversing with you today. I'd like you to share the following wherever you feel it best utilized:

"As a natural health consultant and educator in the field for several decades, I researched the amazing properties of the New Zealand Organic Manuka honey. I have several experiences I'd like to share:

The first was a gentleman inquiring if I was aware of anything that might benefit his grandmother in a nursing home. She was in much pain and discomfort with terrible ulcerations (bedsores). She was unable to find any position where there would be relief. The nursing staff had tried a number of antibiotic ointments but to no avail. I told him about Organic Manuka honey 15+ and said that it is what I would try if it were my grandmother. He told me on a subsequent visit that her skin had healed nicely within 10 days-- to everyone's amazement.

Another was an inquiry from a young woman whose stepfather had undergone an amputation at the knee for diabetic gangrene. Courses of medications were tried, and it looked as though they would have to go higher if the infection and discharge would not get under control. I told her about the honey, and she mailed a jar to him. He had great healing results, and no further surgery was necessary.

A third was my own abscessed tooth. I smeared the Manuka honey on the gum several times a day and took it orally for 7 days. Not only did the tooth drain, but I have not had any problems with it for going on 17 months.

When man makes a discovery in nature, he all too often identifies some of its properties then fractionates it to what he considers to be the most important active ingredient. The marvelous discovery loses its original nature. He may also make a synthetic chemical copy. Aristotle put it this way: "If one way be better than another, you can be sure it's nature's way." We have been given marvelous provisions to sustain life and flourish from our Creator. The beauty of God's remedies is that they are in perfect balance and synergistically superior to anything man can contrive."

Respectfully submitted,

Name Withheld :>)


We discovered Manuka Honey six months ago. As a Physician Educator, I have the privilege of working with many brilliant colleagues. The medical community has begun to look at alternative methods of healing wounds, unresponsive to antibiotic treatments. Active Manuka Honey has emerged as the new wonder 'drug'!!! Knowing that many physicians were beginning to use this healthy alternative with great success, I decided to purchase a jar for my family and I. The results have been astounding.

My sister, an RN, had an MRSA that would not respond to antibiotics. I sent her a jar of Active Organic Manuka Honey from The Wild Bee and in three days, the MRSA had burst. One week later, the wounds were completely healed.

My husband had a sebaceous cyst about the size of a softball on the middle of his back. It was very painful and going to require surgery. We applied a poultice of Manuka Honey to the cyst and in three days, it burst and began to drain. Two weeks later, the cyst was completely drained and my husband is now pain-free.

My Mother's dear friend's daughter had severe acne. My Mother gave her a sample of Manuka Honey and the acne cleared. Her friend was ecstatic!!

My five year old daughter asks for Manuka Honey any time she gets a tickle in her throat and she has not succumbed to a cold since we began using Manuka.

It is rare that I so fully embrace a 'new' product as I am quite a skeptic. But Active Organic Manuka Honey is remarkable and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to purchase and enjoy this beneficial, natural healer. By the way, the taste is divine!!! We use it in our smoothies daily, lather it on toasted bread and put it in our almond milk! The first time I tried a spoonful, my taste buds had a party! It is by far the most delicious honey we have ever tasted!

Thank you again for distributing this 'new' wonderful source of health! I know it has been produced for millennia by nature's own manufacturers, but there is a whole world of folks who have yet to discover it's incredible benefits!

In Health, Laura V. Stuch


This past Saturday Nite we were with friends and one of them had cut herself with a knife earlier in the week. It was a deep cut and should have been stitched with at least 2 or 3 stitches. Instead, Donna had a bandaid on it. It was red and open and ugly. It was cut 5 days prior. I had a few cuts and a splinters on my hands. ( I am a mechanic and get cuts all the time.) So I told Donna about the Manuka and I put some on my cuts 1 old (about a week), 1 that I had just gotten 6 hours prior. We both put the honey on our wounds. It absorbed into the cuts. Before I went to bed, 3 hours later, I washed my hands to get the stickiness off. By Sunday AM, the scabbing on the old cut had disappeared, the pain and redness were gone on both and the new cut was closed up with no redness or pain. I remarked to my wife about how well it worked and wondered if Donna had the same result. Well, later that day, Donna stopped over and showed us her cut. She could not believe the results! The scabbing was gone, the swelling was down and the redness and pain were gone! Amd she did the same thing I did. Just the honey on the cut without a dressing and let it soak in. I gave Donna my last jar and told her to apply it with a dressing this time.

You don't need to be a physician to know that if this honey can heal a wound on the outside it can do the same for inside the body when taken orally. I have been using it daily along with apple cider vinegar and garlic to fight my allergies and colds I have been getting this past winter.

Thank You For bringing this Honey to America. Bill W.


(PART 1) I'm one of those rare individuals who developed gastric MALT lymphoma from h. Pylori. Most people don't realize this can happen, because it is rare. I was on so many antibiotics last year, it has been awful on my system! But I finally made a complete break with the medical community last December when they wanted to go in AGAIN and look for cancer. I trashed all my prescription medications and went totally organic vegan with food. I have since added back fish occasionally. I am doing SO MUCH BETTER NOW! And I know the honey I just started taking about a week ago is really helping with the pain. I am very excited about this!

Anyway, just wanted you to know how thrilled I am.

Smiles, GingerLou

(PART 2) What a coincidence! Of course, I don't believe in coincidences ... I have been on quite some Spiritual journey with my illness, and God has opened each and every horizon. I had never heard of Manuka honey until a couple of weeks ago... I am doing a lot of alternative things (including diet, acupuncture, naturopath, colemas, etc.), but something is really helping me right now, and I suspect it is the Manuka honey! The Manuka honey is the latest step in the wellness direction for me. I found it when I strongly suspected that my old nemesis, h. Pylori, was back and I wasn't about to go back to a medical doctor NOR take any more antibiotics ... I was looking for a natural treatment for h. Pylori, and I found 2. One was Manuka honey, and the other is a product called Bye Lori (isn't that cute?) that I have ordered but not received yet. Personally, I think the Manuka honey is kicking the daylights out of the h. Pylori in my stomach! That's why I plan to stay on it for the foreseeable future.

I wouldn't wish on anyone what happened to me, thanks to the h. Pylori bacteria running rampant. But it does happen, lymphoma, that is ... I am not the only case of it, although most people don't develop cancer from h. Pylori.

Bottomline is that I know that I have to keep on keeping on, even when I feel well (and I do expect to make a complete recovery). Organic foods are far superior, even in taste (not always the ones you find at the local grocery store, tho) to conventional fruits and vegetables. I have thrown out my former recipes and am developing new ones. My husband, who is anything BUT health conscious, is loving the natural, wholesome meals I fix now, even better than what I used to fix (which is a miracle!) God has shown me much so far on my journey. The absolute hardest part of making such a radical change is the isolation. Most people just don't quite get it, and I don't mean for them, I mean they don't quite get it with what I am doing for me. I do not eat out; I take my food with me wherever I go. Most people think I've lost my marbles by ditching my doctors and definitely think I've gone overboard with my self-imposed diet restrictions. For certain, everything in our society (and I do mean EVERYthing) is based around FOOD and EATING ... every wedding and funeral, every party, get-together, reunion ... not one social event has not wrapped itself around food, food, food. So, that has been the hardest part, the blatant anomaly I have become, not the inconvenience and not the self-discipline. In general, many people do not like it when someone becomes different from the herd.

I will keep you updated as I continue to improve. I'm telling you, the Manuka is key for me right now.

Smiles, GingerLou


I just got tested for H Pylori for the third time this morning, and it came back negative for the first time! I need to be honest, I had taken antibiotics treatment for the third time about 5 months ago, this is the first time I got tested since then, but the previous two antibiotics treatments had failed. I am not denying the fact that antibiotics must have helped still, but this time the only difference is that I have been eating Manuka Honey heavily since the antibiotics treatment ended.

Yes, Manuka Honey might not have cleared it all by itself, but I personally believe in my case that it helped greatly to inhibit the growth of this bacteria.

I am grateful to you. I will be eating Manuka Honey for the rest of my life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Erhan


I wanted to share one more 'testimonial' with you...last weekend, someone dropped a stray puppy off near our home. She was so precious that we decided to take her in and clean her up. After a good bath, we noticed she was covered with a terrible rash. I thought it might be mange but didn't want to expose her or our family to the heavy chemicals required to cure it. So, instead, I mixed Manuka and water, put it in a spray bottle and sprayed her down. Within one day, the rash had almost completely cleared. It brought her great relief too as she was scratching terribly prior to the spray. Manuka is truly wonderful!

In Health, Laura

My older lab had been suffering horribly from arthritis, his poor legs would buckle whenever he stood up, and he could hardly get moving. I started giving him a teaspoon of the manuka with bee venom for about a month, and the ol' dog can actually get up and walk without the jitters anymore. He is also eating better and looking much friskier.

I decided to start taking the Nectarease myself to see if it would help an aggravating arthritic bone spur in my neck. Within about a week, it started feeling much better, and I've noticed if I skip a few days, the pain returns. I'm stuck on the Nectarease now. It's amazing what that stuff can do! I also use the Nectar Balm, just on my neck before I go to bed at night, and wake up without that stiff neck feeling that I used to get.

Thank you from both of us! Jeff M.

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